Call for Internships 2017


As an attempt to fill the industry – academia gap, the Young Professionals affinity group of Karachi Section has set forward to provide internship opportunities for existing IEEE members who have recently graduated or are about to graduate. This opportunity is providing 9 internship positions at ‘International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences’ – University of Karachi (For graduates of BE-CE , BS-CS, BS-IT and other related disciplines) and 3 internship positions at ‘Community Health FM Radio’ – Liaquat University of Medical Health Sciences, Jamshoro (For graduates of BE-EL, BE-EE, BE-TE and other related disciplines).
Please note, to avail this opportunity the applicant must be an IEEE member (Preferably part of Young Professionals affinity group).
Young Professionals – IEEE Karachi Section will primarily mark applications based on the individual’s motivation and volunteering experiences, the final selection lies in the hand of the internship providing body.
Last Date to Apply : 1st May 2017
Apply Online :

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