Call for Internships 2017


As an attempt to fill the industry – academia gap, the Young Professionals affinity group of Karachi Section has set forward to provide internship opportunities for existing IEEE members who have recently graduated or are about to graduate. This opportunity is providing 9 internship positions at ‘International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences’ – University of Karachi (For graduates of BE-CE , BS-CS, BS-IT and other related disciplines) and 3 internship positions at ‘Community Health FM Radio’ – Liaquat University of Medical Health Sciences, Jamshoro (For graduates of BE-EL, BE-EE, BE-TE and other related disciplines).
Please note, to avail this opportunity the applicant must be an IEEE member (Preferably part of Young Professionals affinity group).
Young Professionals – IEEE Karachi Section will primarily mark applications based on the individual’s motivation and volunteering experiences, the final selection lies in the hand of the internship providing body.
Last Date to Apply : 1st May 2017
Apply Online :

IEEE Karachi SAC Team visits DUET


On 5th of April, 2017, Representatives of Students Activity Committee (SAC), IEEE Karachi section paid a visit to its newly founded student branch i.e. IEEE DUET at Dawood University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. Student Branch Counselor, Ms. Samreen Amir and Student Branch Chairperson, Mr. Fasih Baig warmly welcomed Mr. Shaikh Muhammmad Anas, Student Section Representative  (SSR) and Mr. Hesham, Project Coordinator IEEE Karachi Section. The session began with the brief introduction about IEEE. Attendees were informed about how a student branch should operate, reporting and funding opportunities available to them. Volunteers of the newly formed student branch were informed about the fellowships, grants and scholarships that IEEE provides. The session was concluded within an hour.


Reported by: Ahsan Qamer Sheikh

IEEE Karachi Section is one of three sections along with Malaysia and Bangladesh Sections in Region 10 who was selected to host this year’s IEEE R10 SAC CHAIRS, COUNSELORS AND MENTORS MEET IN SECTION. IEEE Karachi Section successfully managed to host this meeting during the 10th Edition of IEEE Pakistan Student/YP/WIE Congress that took place from 29th September till 1st October 2016 at IEEE NUCES Student Branch, Karachi. Agenda of the meeting is listed below:

 Welcome Note, Introduction and targets of the meeting – Mehvish Zahoor (RSR R10)

 Future Backwards Exercise and Discussion – All

 R10 Opportunities for – SBs

 Karachi Section Student Activity Updates – SAC/SSR

 Lahore Section Student Activity Updates – SAC/SSR

 Islamabad Section Student Activity Updates – SAC/SSR

 IEEE MGA Perspective – IEEE Staff/RSR

This meeting was moderated by IEEE Region 10 Student Representative Ms. Mehvish Zahoor and assisted by Region 10 Section Student Representative Coordinator Mr. Mujtaba Anwar Chaudhry. In total there were 35 attendees that included 2 SAC Chairs, 2 SSRs, 9 Counselors and 20 Student Branch Chairs. Meeting began with the introductory note from Ms. Mehvish, she introduced herself to all the attendees, defined the meeting goals/objectives and asked them to introduce themselves as well. She started with the overview of R10 SAC team and their goals for 2016. After which, she divided them in the groups and give 10 minutes to discuss the current matters of IEEE in their SBs and section, future backwards exercises and what sort of support or help they expect from Region or HQ. She listened everyone’s objective and answered them effectively. Meanwhile Counselors guide manual was also distributed among attendees. The meeting then progressed with the presentation from IEEE Islamabad Section, SSR Ms. Umay Salma presented the activities report and give briefing over the student activities, SIGHT group formation, and Student Branch chairs meeting, Awards, Pre- University event SPARK and role of SAC Islamabad Section. She was assisted by SAC Chair Mr. Ahsan Farooqui. Following them, Ms. Mehvish invited IEEE Karachi Section to present their report, SAC Chair Mr. Murtaza Hanif talked about student member engagement program and strategy, Gold award on membership recruitment and retention, initiatives, competitions, local funding opportunity, international participation and shared one successful story of student branch revamping mission. He was assisted by SSR Mr. Ahsan Qamer Sheikh. Later, IEEE Islamabad SAC & Karachi SAC answered the queries of all attendees. After SAC sessions, Coordinator SSR Network Mr. Mujtaba Anwar Chaudhry give a brief overview about CLE – Center of Leadership Excellence including volunteer training, courses and leadership skills. He also talked about Xtreme Competition, Resume Lab, regional awards and vtools update. Q/A Session Counselors Attendees Page | 3 At last, Ms. Mehvish took feedback from the attendees and gave her concluding remarks on the meeting, she asked SAC Chairs to resolve student branches matters at earliest and express satisfaction over the proceeding of sections student activities committee. She applauded IEEE Karachi Section for their efforts in organizing this meeting and presented token of appreciation to Mr. Murtaza Hanif, Mr. Ahsan Qamer Sheikh, Mr. Ahsan Farroqui, Mr. Mujtaba Anwar Chaudhry and certificates to all the attendees.

asd Problems queries related to sections and Student branches  Feedback Session