IEEE Student Members: Humanitarian Design Proposal

The IEEE-MySIGHT4Rehab will be organizing a Special Session on Humanitarian Technology in 2016 IEEE-EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences to be held from 04th to 08th December 2016 in Kuala Lumpur.
To inculcate, and introduce humanitarian efforts championed by IEEE, the committee has decided to offer a proposal competition opened to all IEEE Student Members.
For further information, kindly visit Check the brochure attached with the email.
Closing date will be on 30/09/2016.

Technical Seminar Series: Electrical Energy Optimization – Part III

The third lecture of series “Electrical Energy Optimization” by IEEE Karachi Section was organized at DHA Sunset Club on 25th May 2016. Speaker for the session was Engineer Tahir Saleem, C.E.O of United Engineering Services and Vice President IEEEP (South). 35 years in electrical design, maintenance, instrumentation, energy audit, safety audit and technical trainings.
Mr Tahir Saleem discussed that currently our transmission lines are unable to withhold the load and the power that is being added to the system will take a lot of time. Therefore, he emphasized on importance of conserving energy and optimizing energy without hindering the primary goal of the project.
One of the major chunk of Electrical Power is consumed in lighting and we have seen people changing over to LED lamps and reducing the light load. The speaker focused that the energy need to be conserved without compromising on LUX level and quality of lights. He explained that many residential and commercial buildings are designed without maintaining the required LUX level. People tend to keep their stairways and passageways at high lux level and the rooms at lower just to create the ambiance. This is not only harmful for human eyes but also a waste of energy.
During the seminar, he also gave a practical demonstration using an android phone to calculate the lux level of the conference room at different point and as expected it was not maintained. He showed how easily a person can calculate the lux level of a room and make sure that proper lighting is achieved.
Moreover, he focused that industries in order to conserve energy focus on lighting. While only 15-20 % of energy is consumed in lighting of industry. It’s not always feasible to invest in new lighting system and changing over to LED lamps, because it has a very small impact on the bill.
Mr Saleem advised that we should focus on efficient and automatic control of lighting. He gave examples that at many work places, many lights are controlled just by a single switch. This leads to wastage of energy especially when only few people are working and the whole office is lit up. He also emphasized by automatic control of lighting such as automatic switching depended on the presence of human can be a very efficient way to conserve energy. He further advised to use efficient light fixtures and reflectors to make the most out of the lighting and explained how using inefficient fixtures for the sake of beautification leads to wastage of energy and also prevents achieving the required LUX level.
As the seminar proceeded on the speaker explained that the major chunk of electricity used in industries is for operating the motors. Most of the industries in Pakistan use over sized motors. The required torque by the industries is often low and are generally running at 50% of the load, which is quite inefficient and leads to huge energy wastage. Moreover, when motor gets old there efficiency decrease with time and often fixing them again and again lead to further decrease in efficiency. It is important that old ones should be replaced by new ones once they start consuming excessive power. One can easily calculate the consumption of efficiency using just the power meter and RPM meter to calculate the efficiency of motors.
Engineer Tahir Saleem focused on importance of the driving system of the motors. Effective control system should be implemented in the driver circuitry of the motors. Methods like VFD and HFMS should be implemented and Voltage optimization should be done. It is also important to maintain a voltage balance. Moreover, he explained when the required torque is low one can easily use lower voltages and save power by remaining in the tolerable limit.
The guest of the seminar appreciated the advises and information delivered during the seminar. It was also decided that people are given the awareness regarding energy conversation, efficiency and voltage optimization to not only reduce the cost but leading to a greener environment.

Congratulations to all the IEEE Karachi Section Members !

2016 IEEE Outstanding Performance Badge

We have met our recruitment and retention goals for the 2016 membership year !

The membership development goals were developed based on Karachi Section’s four year performance. All IEEE Karachi Section volunteers  are to be commended for continuing to grow IEEE membership in the Karachi Section. Their efforts in both recruiting and retaining members is truly making a difference both locally and in the overall growth of IEEE.

Current Membership statistics of IEEE Karachi Section


Associate Members = 7

Graduate Student Members = 57

Life Member = 1

Member = 110

Senior Member = 7

Student Member = 575

Total Members = 757

Note: Above figures are  accurate as of latest by May 25th, 2016

VOLT 2016

Volunteer Leadership Training Program 2016 by IEEE Karachi Section SAC Committee, Usman Institute of Technology, Karachi

Reported By: Eisha Bint Khalid

Volunteer Leadership Training 2016 was started with the recitation of Holy Quran.

Volunteers from student branches with in Karachi Section participated in the program. Student Branches at NED-UET, UIT, NUCES-FAST, HIT, DSU, NUST-PNEC, PAF-KIET, IIEE, ISRA University, MUET, IBA Sukkur and NHU are to name a few.

SSR Karachi Section, Mr. Ahsan Qamar Sheikh hosted the event. SAC Chair, Engr. Murtaza Hanif began the training by giving a welcome note. He told participants about various international and national activities in which IEEE Karachi section actively participates which includes PSYWC and other regional conferences and congresses. He also informed about the funding opportunities which IEEE volunteers are eligible to apply. He further guided participants how they can indulge in local IEEE activities and shared some social media platforms on which they can interact with other IEEE volunteers.

Proceeding with the program, Treasurer Karachi Section, Engr. Sarang Sheikh was invited to discuss the the strategies which student branch leadership can imply in order to revamp their student branch. He informed participants about various kinds of activities which student branches can organize under IEEE platform. He also discussed the strategies to increase or maintain membership count in a student branch.

Sarang Shaikh at VOLT 2016

Engr. Sarang Shaikh at VOLT 2016

After this interactive session, MD Chair Karachi Section, Engr. Ahsan Saeed was invited who briefly told participants about IEEE JOB Site, and IEEE Academics. He also informed participants about various awards and IEEE Regional Student Paper Contests and encouraged the audience to apply for awards and research papers presentation.

Next, SSR, Ahsan Qamar Sheikh gave his presentation on how to file petition for any society. He told participants about various societies within IEEE. He informed participants about the IEEE regional and sectional Newsletter format and submission processes. He further encouraged the student branches to form their own websites. Proceeding, IEEE Newsletter (2015) team was presented with appreciation certificates.

Engr. Murtaza Hanif giving certificates to Newsletter 2015 team members

Engr. Murtaza Hanif giving certificates to Newsletter 2015 team members

Proceeding  further, SSR. Elect. 2017 and ambassador for MadC at Karachi Section Hesham Ali gave presentation on IEEE MadC, which is a global mobile application development contest open for all the IEEE student members across the globe. He added about IEEE Xtreme Programming Competition and IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge.

Continuing with the event, South Asia Young Professionals Coordinator Rabeet Sagri was invited to tell the audience about IEEE young professionals. He also guided participants about SPAC / SPAV / SPAA, which are student career development activities.

SSR Karachi Section was presented with token of appreciation for his contribution in the formation of new student branch at Nazeer Hussain University, Karachi. The token was presented by the newly formed student branch Leadership.

Lunch break was given at 1:15 pm. The Program resumed at 2:30 pm. After lunch Chairperson Karachi Section, Dr Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry addressed the participants and encouraged them to volunteer.    

Dr. B.S. Chowdhry while motivating students at VOLT 16'

Dr. B.S. Chowdhry while motivating students at VOLT 16′

After this motivational speech two parallel sessions started one was  IEEE Vtools workshop and other was Basic Designing on Photoshop. session were conducted by Engr. Murtaza Hanif and Amaad Soomro who is  Graphics Designer at Region 10 Young Professionals. For Vtools session, the chairperson and vice chairperson of student branches were taken in a separate room. Meanwhile, in the Auditorium, Amaad Soomro guided participants on basic designing on Photoshop. He discussed modern trends in Photoshop including color schemes and background aesthetics.

Engr. Hassam Mughal was then called to brief about IEEE Computer Society.

An activity session was also carried out in which two universities had to group up and plan a unique event. Proposed event should be in line with the vision of IEEE. It was announced that karachi section will give funds to the winner group for the execution of the proposed plan. Judges panel heard the representative of each group detailing their plans. The judges asked questions and marks were assigned based on creativity, scope and use. The group of HIET and IIEE were said to have the best score.

Participants during an activity at VOLT 16'

Participants during an activity at VOLT 16′

After this energetic session, Member SAC Karachi Section Ebad ur Rehman presented the last presentation about PES society.

The event was ended with thoughtful speech of Past chair and SIGHT coordinator of Karachi section, Engr. Parkash Lohana. His speech ignited participants with motivation to volunteer .  A photo session of all  the participants was held in the end.

Participants along with Karachi Section Volunteers at VOLT 16'

Participants along with Karachi Section Volunteers at VOLT 16′